Making a Musical Robot for the Science Museum

hen we were asked by the Science Museum to create a soundscape for their latest exhibition Robots, we decided to create something for the entire space which was itself robotic. We were given recording access to some amazing robots and machines, sourced recordings through archives and designed and programmed our own interpretations. The result is a generative soundscape that runs across all 7 gallery spaces, issuing from 64 speakers in real time.

Animatronic Baby made by John Nolan Studio

We have a detailed making of video coming out soon, in the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes snaps from the installation.

Robots soundscape machine

Big thanks to the wonderful curatorial team at the Science Museum headed up by Head of Mechanical Engineering, Ben Russell, digital creative company Squint/Opera, film-makers Soup Co and the animatronic wizards at John Nolan Studio – all so inspiring to work with!