Robots: The Exhibition Soundtrack Album

t’s pretty unusual for an exhibition to have its own ‘Greatest Hits’ album, but the collection of machines brought together for Robots at The Science Museum in London was too special to pass up.

Check out this short feature on the project on BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House show .. plus a cameo from a real Dalek ..

The album is a selection of excerpts from across the whole soundscape we created, that act both as a kind of mnemonic through which you can relive the experience of visiting the exhibition and as a document of this unique collection, charting humanity’s incredible 500 year journey of creating humanoid robots.

We sourced, recorded and composed all the sounds, a journey that took us as far back as 1392, to the Wells Cathedral Clock (and the dawn of clockwork), to looms from the Industrial Revolution, through numerous forms of sound and voice synthesis, to computer generated imitations of Bach.

You can press play and purchase via the player below or buy in the exhibition shop at the Science Museum.